Jainsons Pet Products Baby Bird Food, Hand-Feeding Formula 400g for All Birds Budgies, Love Birds, Parrots, Parakeets, Finches, Macaws, Grey Parrots, Complete Nutrition Diet (with 10ml Syringe)

Price: ₹599 - ₹399.00
(as of May 25,2023 19:59:37 UTC – Details)

Jainsons Pet Products Baby Bird Food, Parrot Food, Complete Nutrition Diet, Hand-Feeding Formula For All Birds Budgies, Love Birds, Conures, Parrots, Parakeets, Finches, Macaws, Parrots, Cockatiel, Caique Parrots, Cockatoos, Grey Parrots

prepared as a complete balanced diet for all life cycles of New Born Baby Birds, from a newly hatched baby chick to an active and energized adult all the way to a mature senior. Whether it is in the form of mash, extruded granules, sticks or biscuits, there is no need for dietary supplements. Each formula contains a nutritious blend of grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals for maximum palatability and biological value. Jainsons Pet Products uses only the freshest grains and legumes from the most recent crops.
Hand Feeding Formula is the multi blend of Varieties of seeds, millets, minerals and other add on elements grinded to fine powder is enriched with high concentration of protein, fat and carbohydrates essential for growth of bones and muscles.
It improves feather and skin condition, regulates digestion, repairs cells and tissues.
WHY YOU REQUIRE HAND FEEDNG FORMULA? Baby birds usually eat what their parents eat for dinner, since the parent has to burp its food into the mouth of its offspring. Birds cannot break down food at birth, so their parents must first partially digest the food to make it safe for chicks and that is why you require Multi Grain Hand Feeding Formula for your Baby Birds
Mix the recommended amount Multi Grain Hand Feeding Formula with lukewarm water (104°F) in a clean container shortly before feeding. The mix should have consistency and avoid lumps. For every 10 grams of chick’s body weight feed 1 ml of Jainsons Pet Products Hand Feeding Formula.

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