To The Packaging™ Fragile Tape Printed Handle With Care Tape For Shipping Commercial And Personal Use Heavy Duty & Quality Self Adhesive Tape 50 Meters 2 Inches 48 mm 6 Pieces or Roll

Price: ₹1,000 - ₹439.00
(as of May 18,2023 16:26:35 UTC – Details)

Strong Adhesive
➕The tape is heat resistant and adaptable to temperature and pressure, which makes this fragile tape even more SUITABLE FOR PACKAGING DELICATE ITEMS that need care. It makes the package safe for movement. The FRAGILE tape comes with FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE prints in red color. The digital print of the fragile tape is precise and done using good-quality ink so that it does not fade quickly.
➕ This FRAGILE tape comes with very high-quality acrylic adhesive for the BEST SEALING purposes. Designed to be heavy-duty, this fragile tape for moving boxes has a super strong adhesive for the ultimate performance. Water-based acrylic adhesive used in these fragile tapes for shipping gives them two main benefits, INSTANT BONDING, and very HIGH ADHESIVE STRENGTH.
➕ Acrylic adhesive, unlike rubber-based adhesives, takes no time to dry, strengthen, and then bond. This makes this fragile tape roll BIND TO ALMOST ANY SURFACE INSTANTLY. You do not need to hold down the tape for the packaging to seal securely when you are using this fragile tape for moving boxes. These can be considered the perfect fragile tape for moving as the adhesive in them is chemically engineered to have high strength and does not pop off easily during transit or handling.
➕ Fragile tape can be highly multipurpose. Mainly, the fragile tape is meant to be used to mark packages containing fragile items. This is done so that people operating the handling and transit of the packages know that the package must be handled with care. This fragile tape roll is designed to be useful beyond simply labeling packages as FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE. They are made with market-standard materials to act as the perfect adhesive tape.

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